Salesforce of Nature

Salesforce is a big hit. They’re a global CRM company listed on the NYSE who came first on Forbes ‘Most Innovative Companies 2013’ for a second year running.

It’s a convoluted cloud-computing company to examine. Look for a simple breakdown on Wikipedia and you find the caveat “This article may be confusing or unclear to readers”.

At a recent Social Media London session, @MarianCramers gave us a quick rundown on the ‘Marketing Cloud’ product she works on at Salesforce. See this youtube video on it.

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Social Listening with Synthesio

“It’s the Wild West out there!” Catriona’s description was evocative.

Welcome to a windblown landscape. Where people ride horses, rustle cattle and raise corn, they fight for survival against displaced natives…mm no. Actually it’s the Social Media listening landscape, where they ride conversations, rustle insights and raise ideas, and it’s just as tough to make it work.

Catriona Oldershaw from #Synthesio gave us a run down on how they keep their business alive in this dynamic and turbulent industry. Living off the earth was not far from her mind telling us that although you hear that “Data is the New Oil”, she prefers, “Data is the New Soil”.

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