The Power of Search – Digital Doughnut September MeetUp

The September Digital Doughnut Meetup was on The Power of Search which could’ve been called the twin powers of search. With the speakers taking up different positions, it was optimised from both ends. Zigfrids at Hoxton Square hosted the energetic group who turned up to listen to the current state of search, how not be searched, and how to get the most out of organic search. Graham Ruddick opened the night asking how many people in the room worked in SEO – 20%, Digital Marketing – 60%, and General – 20%.

The two opposing views on how to use search can be summed up as; to the best of your ability, or to avoid being seen by it at all. Ideally you use both approaches well and use them intelligently.
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Simply Business – Simply Authentic Social

Social Media London’s May talk was about the #SocialMedia efforts of small business insurance firm Simply Business with Jasper Martens.

The first thing to notice was that he had patent leather indigo shoes.

Is that the display of a man who wants to click his heals to find his home on social? If it is, he’s being very practical about it, working with a crew of helpful sidekicks, travelling the yellow click road of authentic links.

To be clear, there were two points:

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