Why I’m a Social Strategist

I have a radar for what people want to see in social media. I’ve forged a skill set on how to identify and deliver it in a way that’s fresh.

A social media strategist with 7+ years’ experience, I integrate social media planning with PR, comms, events, digital, paid and organic social for clients toA Social Media specialist with 7+ years’ experience, I integrate Social Media Strategy with PR, Comms, Events, Digital, Paid, and Organic Social to develop a brand’s social presence in line with their business objectives.

Through paid and organic strategies, I transform how clients execute social supporting leveraging external assets and people, key internal employees and events. Paid platforms include – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Development in social propositions includes social media playbooks and creative risk-taking to ensure your social media is on-brand, consistent and engaging.

Social media opportunities: Social planning for a strong organic presence, paid ad strategies for awareness and building leads, total team support and training, employees as ambassadors for B2B and HR, influencer outreach, leveraging events for social content creation, creative boundaries may well be pushed.

I was once a restaurant manager and sommelier for over a decade in Sydney’s best restaurants before I moved to London 8+ years ago and became Head of Social at Teamspirit Group before moving to freelance. I currently volunteer on the global brand #MeasureCamp, the biggest analysts’ networking community globally.

Reach out if you’d like to talk about what your business needs from its social presence. I’m happy to chat for coffee. Good coffee. Melbourne quality.