Salesforce of Nature

Salesforce is a big hit. They’re a global CRM company listed on the NYSE who came first on Forbes ‘Most Innovative Companies 2013’ for a second year running.

It’s a convoluted cloud-computing company to examine. Look for a simple breakdown on Wikipedia and you find the caveat “This article may be confusing or unclear to readers”.

At a recent Social Media London session, @MarianCramers gave us a quick rundown on the ‘Marketing Cloud’ product she works on at Salesforce. See this youtube video on it.

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Greenman Gaming and Gamer’s Loyalty

Green Man Gaming spoke at the Europe Customer Loyalty Festival on Sept 17.

Green Man told us what he knows about gamers loyalty. About them being dedicated, seeking gratification and reward, but mostly they just want entertainment, escapism and achievement (Sounds like the rest of us). Yet games give gamers the mechanism to satisfy those needs, for a fair price, regularly and easily. The average game is 23 movies long. If only it was that easy for us all.

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Social Listening with Synthesio

“It’s the Wild West out there!” Catriona’s description was evocative.

Welcome to a windblown landscape. Where people ride horses, rustle cattle and raise corn, they fight for survival against displaced natives…mm no. Actually it’s the Social Media listening landscape, where they ride conversations, rustle insights and raise ideas, and it’s just as tough to make it work.

Catriona Oldershaw from #Synthesio gave us a run down on how they keep their business alive in this dynamic and turbulent industry. Living off the earth was not far from her mind telling us that although you hear that “Data is the New Oil”, she prefers, “Data is the New Soil”.

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Simply Business – Simply Authentic Social

Social Media London’s May talk was about the #SocialMedia efforts of small business insurance firm Simply Business with Jasper Martens.

The first thing to notice was that he had patent leather indigo shoes.

Is that the display of a man who wants to click his heals to find his home on social? If it is, he’s being very practical about it, working with a crew of helpful sidekicks, travelling the yellow click road of authentic links.

To be clear, there were two points:

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An Oxford Prof’s Negotiation Tactics and Sharing a Coke

#Oxford Professor #StuartDiamond explaining his latest book ‘Getting More’ – negotiation tactics for a modern world.

  • Find some common ground, fish around until you do
  • Everyone’s top identifiers are: family, friends, personality, hobbies and occupation
  • Find out what standards and values are key to them, what groups they are a member of, then point out whether they are or are not playing by those standards (people hate contradicting themselves)
  • Find a common enemy and you will find people who will work with you
  • Blaming or threats never work – it only makes people withhold their good ideasWhat you think you said is probably not what they heard, so ask them what their perception is – get this part right, it’s crucial!
  • Value the differences
  • Find something you can trade
  • Remember it’s the baby steps that count, don’t be afraid of being incremental or giving an emotional payoff at each step
  • Don’t be manipulative
  • Be genuine, informal and casual
  • Interact honestly, build rapport, trust, be creative

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2 Creative Directors and 1 Designer in a Tub

2 Creative Directors and 1 Designer in a tub and the Designer says…

In the offices of POSSIBLE and Grey London yesterday, as well as the obligatory beer, there were presentations from 3 interesting men on Brand Building in the Digital Age.

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