My Social Skills

A Social Media specialist with 7+ years’ experience, I integrate Social Media Planning with PR, Comms, Events, Digital, Paid and Organic Social for clients to develop their social presence in line with their business objectives. Able to work in highly regulated environments, I transform how clients execute social leveraging key senior employees and events alongside a paid social strategy.

Freelancing with clients and agencies to develop compelling and relevant social media propositions, both organic and paid. Integrating plans with PR, Marketing and Event teams for maximising reach and effective cross-department storytelling.

Social media opportunities: Social Planning, paid ad strategies for building awareness and lead generation, Senior Exec support growing their social profiles as ambassadors, influencer campaigns, leveraging events for social content creation, how to best use organic content, training staff to run your day-to-day social channels, content calendar creation, and creative branding ideas.

I’ve developed well-known financial services clients’ social media presence and lead generation opportunities while Head of Social at Teamspirit. I volunteer my time to build the global brand MeasureCamp, the world’s biggest analysts’ networking community.

I was a restaurant manager and sommelier for over a decade in Sydney’s best restaurants, and have honed a strong skill-set in understanding how to portray excellent customer service, a teams positive attitude, and how to create content to best position your business’ personality in social media.

Reach out if you’d like to let me know what your business is looking for. I’m happy to come chat all things social for coffee. Good coffee. Melbourne quality.