#SMWLDN “The pursuit of an idea” by BBH

It’s Social Media Week in London and one of the hot topics is about creativity in social. With shrinking attention spans and user generated content (UGC) to compete with, BBH discuss how advertisers need to zag when others zig to find the space where culture is created.

Strategist Damola Timeyin and Creative Kate Murphy give us three things you can use in your pursuit of an idea.

  • Context
  • Bias
  • Data

Context – In terms of your working environment, do you get the feeling they’re all much the same? What do our colleagues and our peers look like, not much diversity there either? FB friends all the same? It’s ok to be similar but how do you gain inspiration from our workspaces when everything resembles a beige cardigan?

Start a brain trust!

Who to include in your brain trust?

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