Open Letter To First Utility – Why Didn’t You Call Me? :’-(

I wanted First Utility to want me. I didn’t want to have to be the one to always call, to give my details over and over, being passed from department to department looking for the person who knew me, knew my past. I kept begging for a call back.

But all I got were automated emails pointing the finger at me, saying I wasn’t good enough to be in this relationship. That I didn’t qualify. With a ‘list’ of reasons of why I could’ve done more. But there was only one reason why it didn’t work.

They hadn’t been able to enter my details correctly in their system on five separate occasions.


The lesson for First Utility – please add this to your automated rejection email: If you feel we have made a mistake, please contact us to find out the reason your application has not been successful as it may have been an error at our end.

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Greenman Gaming and Gamer’s Loyalty

Green Man Gaming spoke at the Europe Customer Loyalty Festival on Sept 17.

Green Man told us what he knows about gamers loyalty. About them being dedicated, seeking gratification and reward, but mostly they just want entertainment, escapism and achievement (Sounds like the rest of us). Yet games give gamers the mechanism to satisfy those needs, for a fair price, regularly and easily. The average game is 23 movies long. If only it was that easy for us all.

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