Use Social, Mobile & Location In Real Time For Live Event Promotion


At the Digital Doughnut September Meetup at Hoxton Square I chatted with member Habbi from Promogogo. Their marketing tool is for live acts, to assist in campaigns while on tour. I ask Habbi some digital marketing questions on just how their start-up is using social, mobile and location in digital marketing. Continue reading


Inspiration – Think Again | Royal Geographical Society

With a line-up that included Beverly Jackson, head of social at Yahoo (Failing Forward, the power of failing), Scott Cohen, founder of The Orchard (who struggled through rising CD sales in the 90s when he believed in digital music, slept on his couch at work, and now has 20% of the worlds digital music sales go through his company), Chris Barez-Brown that would burst life in any boardroom, John F… Well, you get the point, incredible speakers.

Be Interested. Be Adventurous. Be Together. Be Bold.

Agile and Unconventional – Digital Doughnut July Meetup

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Last month saw a lively bunch of people retire from the fading afternoon sun to attend our monthly Digital Doughnut event, ‘Agile and Unconventional’. As it was my first DD event I researched Agile for Dummies and discovered that Agile is ‘a more modern, flexible project management methodology compared with traditional, rigid frameworks such as Waterfall. I was keen to sit near the front for this one and bring myself up to speed, but to start, I introduced myself to the other attendees and got stuck into some networking.

After a glass of wine and a half an hour, I’d mingled with chatty digital marketers working in a variety of areas; not-for-profit, loyalty marketing, site development, web analytics and a Ukraine based Software Company ELEKS experimenting with wearable tech like Google Glass (see their ‘new kind of sports’ video demo here). In Hoxton, Zigfrid’s music and bar ensured a ‘club’ feel with one participant coming all the way from Bristol just for the event.

The speakers were: James Cannings, CTO at MMT Digital, explaining why Agile software development is king to get to market quickly and then make rapid, iterative updates, and Damian Horner, Ideas Gun at RVTV, revealing how their slightly anarchic approach has allowed them to build up massive interest in a product they haven’t actually launched yet.

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