Leveraging strategic partnerships to reach niche audiences

MetLife UK:

A strategic partnership with a behavioural science firm Syntoniq generated website and social content; video footage on how to use behavioural science in the workplace, a downloadable report, and multiple short guides for HR professionals and an event. This not only provided months of organic content we also leveraged this content for a paid lead-gen campaign.

Targeted advisers were invited to a seminar with Syntoniq to network and to go through a broker-focused presentation. A broader group of HR professionals were selected to take part in an online quiz to understand more about which biases are likely to be of influence in their workplace.


Sam is an energetic and creative social media pro I had the pleasure of working with at Teamspirit. She always throws herself into new projects with immense dedication to her work and her clients. Sharing knowledge, making people feel supported and taking time to debate things when necessary are just some of her strengths. Sam knows her stuff and works collaboratively with others to deliver. She is also an engaging presenter and an asset in new business situations. I would happily recommend Sam. Montserrat Tojeiro, Lead on MetLife UK , Client Services Director at Teamspirit. LinkedIn recommendation

LinkedIn paid ad campaign. Built credibility and network opportunities with employee benefits advisers with a co-branded wellbeing event. Used LinkedIn paid social targeting to intermediaries on LinkedIn through job titles & groups targeting criteria testing carousel creative. Findings showed that targeting LinkedIn groups worked much better to find our most engaged audience.

512 advisers clicked on the ad to apply-to-attend the event. Our CTR of 0.63% was high compared to the LinkedIn benchmarks of 0.35%-0.45%

Icon creative
Imagery creative

Twitter paid ad campaign. Grow awareness of MetLife to a HR professionals audience on Twitter after the previous audience of wealth managers dissolved when the wealth management division of the business closed permanently. Engaged them with a behavioural science quiz introducing them to MetLife’s championed topic of Financial Wellbeing.

Ads delivered to an audience of 880k with a small budget and delivered 2558 HR professionals to the MetLife UK website.

Click through to see Gif with tweet

Organic content. Creative for multiple platforms ensured the content gained as much reach as possible targeting our niche audience.

Broker audience content
HR professionals audience content
Youtube playlist MetLife UK Marketing Director with Expert

See highlights of 3 years of social media management support with MetLife UK here.

Reach out if you’d like ask for advice for your social campaign.

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