Paid social: LinkedIn lead-generation

Bibby Finance:

Targeted high-value Export Finance decision makers on LinkedIn to generate qualified leads.

  • The first step was to build brand awareness by creating a specialist infographic from content owned by Bibby and taking time to carefully clarify the targeting criteria within LinkedIn’s options.
  • Step two was to build a retargeting pool of export finance decision makers who viewed it with a piece of exclusive content gated behind an auto-fill LinkedIn lead-gen form. (Option to connect your CRM and access the form fill details directly into your CRM, otherwise you’ll get them in a spreadsheet.) Retargeting runs concurrently a few weeks after you commence stage one.

Over 330k impressions, 306 lead form completes, 22 qualified leads

“Fundamentally, a great person to work with. A level of expertise and dedication that was refreshing – picked up the detail quickly and not afraid to challenge the established thinking. She managed our paid campaigns with enthusiasm and was able to cut through the noise to make specific and decisive recommendations to deliver fantastic results.” Richard White – Senior Marketing Manager LinkedIn recommendation

Stage One:

Brand awareness / top of the marketing funnel ad example to drive traffic for retargeting
Testing creative
Testing creative
Testing creative

Stage Two – retargeting:

Reusing components of what drove the most engagement in Stage One – for effectiveness and cost savings.
Testing creative
Testing creative
Testing creative

Reach out if you’d like ask for advice for your social campaign.

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