Brand reputation management in social media

Policy Expert:

Reversed toxic social presence on Facebook and Twitter with a brand reputation social response plan executed alongside PR’s crisis management and senior stakeholder buy-in. It involved training a large customer service team to create regular, positive content, working hand-in-glove with PR and senior execs to respond holistically to negative commentators both on and offline. Proactively built positive awareness and engaged positive audience through mini competitions with small budget and prizes on Facebook to help drown out the trolls.

Moved their 71% negative sentiment to 57% positive in 3 months. Created a competition resulting in 162k+ potential new customers seeing the posts in 10 days.

Easter competition built positive awareness

Outreached to industry influencers working with them to improve and share their content through Policy Expert’s profiles.

Know your Flood Risk influencer outreach and content sharing

Reach out if you’d like ask for advice for your social campaign.

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