What are your Social Media Analytics questions? *crickets*

It was a bit like a first date. There was definitely some tension as the conversation went off topic and no one quite new when to put their hand up. As usual for this analytics meetup, the opinions flowed freely, boundaries were pushed but not broken and the attendees experience levels ranked highly on the London social media ladder.

This months ‘London Web Analytics’ MeetUp by L3 Analytics founder Peter O’Neill was on social media analytics. There were queries as to what you are actually trying to measure for your clients, what measures are useful (not just what they think they want) and how are you going to capture these figures?

Everyone’s on-board with the need for social media but what is it they want? Reach, reputation, because your competition is doing it? How quickly do you start taking risks and why? Is it because you want to seem on trend or just bow to peer pressure? (“Silicon Valley continues to blindly funnel money into Snapchat“). These questions on expectations are to be held in bright rooms with everyone’s hands on the table. But figuring out what you’ll use to measure it all is for a closed room with an e-cigarette, leather bean bag, a laptop and a minibar only of redbull.

Two very qualified and smiley people in the room were Dao Nguyen @Daoism24 and Ben Donkor @FR314 who both mentioned; Lithium. Dao also mentioned using Sysomos – both of which are social media listening tools. By listening you can improve on your offering to suit the audience needs, as long as you accept that their chatter is going to be tongue-in-cheek occasionally, and they may not know what’s best ie ‘I would’ve built a faster horse’. You can also find out what they are saying about your competitors and where this is occurring. Ben said Lithium is great for being ‘customer service focused, listening and engagement’.

Ben’s conversation is imbued with a sense of fun and we chatted about other tools that would suit my business needs of grassroots community engagement, what insights will assist me in discovering trends for our events and topics for blogger targeting. What rolled off his tongue were; Brandwatch – for social listening and sentiment, it can be Integrate with hootsuite, as well as for social analytics (The background music on all their presentation videos may very well do your head in). sumall.com – which I am logging into now – wow! they have a great looking website, Excited. Keen to get my mouse all over it. Simply Measured – works across all platforms and is very data focused.

Figure out what you want from social media – what you really, really want. Only then can you grab the end of the fire hose and point. Would love to hear what tool you use that matches with your business need.

need + tool = insight?


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