An Oxford Prof’s Negotiation Tactics and Sharing a Coke

#Oxford Professor #StuartDiamond explaining his latest book ‘Getting More’ – negotiation tactics for a modern world.

  • Find some common ground, fish around until you do
  • Everyone’s top identifiers are: family, friends, personality, hobbies and occupation
  • Find out what standards and values are key to them, what groups they are a member of, then point out whether they are or are not playing by those standards (people hate contradicting themselves)
  • Find a common enemy and you will find people who will work with you
  • Blaming or threats never work – it only makes people withhold their good ideasWhat you think you said is probably not what they heard, so ask them what their perception is – get this part right, it’s crucial!
  • Value the differences
  • Find something you can trade
  • Remember it’s the baby steps that count, don’t be afraid of being incremental or giving an emotional payoff at each step
  • Don’t be manipulative
  • Be genuine, informal and casual
  • Interact honestly, build rapport, trust, be creative

Which makes me think of Coke’s latest campaign ‘Think, Share, Act

They are looking for common ground. Knowing we all love our friends and have values we share with them, they tell us ‘Good things happen when people come together’, which leads to ‘It’s a fitness initiative’. They are interested in getting us to share as a kind gesture, using our fondness to connect as a baby step towards involving Coke in a community sport, to drive their ultimate goal of a ‘Healthier Coke’.

It has been hard to miss; emails, suggested FB posts, giving away free product on the street, a TV ad – all on the same day – making sure we have the opportunity to engage and respond, to let them know our perception.

What’s the trade? A personalised virtual coke you can ‘share’ with a friend, to reach out to them and feel good, a free coke in the street, a connection. Does it reach all the way to the sporting community sharing a story? Baby steps. Be genuine, informal, build trust, be creative.

I gave out two virtual cans 🙂


@Stuart_Diamond @TweetsFromGOOG @CocaCola

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