2 Creative Directors and 1 Designer in a Tub

2 Creative Directors and 1 Designer in a tub and the Designer says…

In the offices of POSSIBLE and Grey London yesterday, as well as the obligatory beer, there were presentations from 3 interesting men on Brand Building in the Digital Age.

2 presentations with the slight of a magicians hand. 1 much longer, yet more to the point

Mark Tipper ECD POSSIBLE said ‘pasta and sausages’

When considering how much truth and visibility to give to a brand, think about them like food. What is that brand really about when cooked?

Are they like pasta – where they look different but when cooked end up tasting the same, OR are they sausages – they all look similar but when cooked, taste completely different. Mmmmm juicy

Sausages are where you want to be, helping make a real difference to a brand’s DNA but be warned, some brands just want to stay pasta. Pray for the sausage brief

Nils Leonard ECD Grey London was hunting for the girl in the kitchen

His humorous presentation said that online is just like a party

You don’t want to be the person who only talks about themselves, or tries to sell sell sell! their business, or stalks you. Be the girl in the kitchen who is being herself, is naturally interesting and interested in good conversation, listening to others (and stoking ego’s just a little bit?)

This website by Nils and Grey gives really great examples – check it out!

Girl in the Kitchen

It was the Designer who told us not to roll over – Wayne Hemingway Hemingway Design, Red not Dead

‘Do Something. For the Right Reasons. Just get on with it’

Yes sir. His meandering story was surprisingly blunt for a Tuesday afternoon (he’d been warming up presenting to the entire Unilever team in Leeds that morning)

Punctuated with plenty of 80s moments, Wayne led us through his and his wife’s life to current successes like Hush Puppies, McDonalds and being banned from a few English towns for pointing out that their housing looks like a prison

Top tips – be a lion and satisfy your appetite (my interpretation of his speech)

‘His wife learnt to be a designer by seeing the whites in people’s eyes’

‘Know people, be able to judge them’

‘We knew our market was the working class so we made a list of shops we would NEVER sell to and a list of shops we would sell to’

‘The best design came from our group as a community, having a shared vision, and 1 degree between a hundred of us’

‘Enjoy the economic slowdown; it’s at this time people want creative thinking’

@marktipper @GreyLondon @hemingwaydesign

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